Braithwaite Family Organization

The Braithwaite Family Organization (BFO) is a large ancestral family organization that was established in Manti, Utah, USA, in 1928. 

Since 2007, members of the Braithwaite Research Committee have conducted research into the ancestry and descendants of the Braithwaites of Hawkshead and nearby areas of northern Lancashire. This research work has resulted in the identification and documentation of many related Braithwaite families covering a period of more than 500 years. 

The following book and two genealogical databases provide considerable information on many Braithwaite-related individuals and families who have primarily resided in England and Utah: 


Braithwaite Family Database -  Available soon to the General Public

(This genealogical database lists the ancestors and descendants of Rowland Braithwaite, 1798-1852)

Braithwaite Family Database - Available to BFO Members

(This genealogical database lists the deceased and living descendants of Rowland Braithwaite)  

Braithwaite Family Reunion

June 16-17, 2023 

The Braithwaite Family Organization (BFO) sponsored a Braithwaite Family Reunion that was held in Spanish Fork, Utah, on June 16, 2023, and on June 17, 2023, in Payson, Utah.

Photos from the reunion can be found here. Feel free to download or comment. Adding names would be so helpful!